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With 32 years of experience, Forus-P specialises in cyber security, offering cutting-edge services to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats. Serving clients globally, from multinational corporations to SMEs, we mainly focus on performing advanced scans, penetration tests, and security audits on our clients’ (web)applications. Our solutions ensure a secure digital future for every organisation.

To stay ahead in the cyber security landscape we continually refine our tools and methodologies to address new cyber threats. We are not only committed to meeting industry standards, but also setting new benchmarks. Additionally, we actively engage in knowledge-sharing initiatives to contribute to the wider cyber security community.

“Our proactive approach ensures that clients always know the status of their web application. This helps to stay one step ahead of hackers.”

Dafna and Eveline

Eveline & Dafna


“As a global expert in web application scanning, we keep thousands of web applications safe from hackers.”

Doireann Forus-P

Doireann Connolly

Cyber Security Marketing & Support Hero

“We combine excellent automated software with manual checks. We share a detailed report indicating if and where vulnerabilities are found.”

Naomi Forus P

Naomi O'Neill

Cyber Security Support Hero

“Each scan is prepared thoroughly and manually to ensure the most reliable result possible.”

Ruth Forus-P

Ruth Williams

Cyber Security Support Hero

“With permission from our clients, we break into web applications and try to find security issues that can be abused.”

Ethical hacker Picture

Adam Cornelissen

Certified Ethical Hacker

“Almost every system can be hacked. Together with the client, we discuss the desired goal to prevent attacks.”

Hacker Code in Realistic Composition

Our pool of ethical hackers


Our cyber security team is a dedicated and skilled group of professionals focused on safeguarding organisations from cyber threats. 

Understanding that every organisation is unique, we adopt a client-centric approach by collaborating closely with clients to understand their specific needs. We believe in long-term partnerships built on trust, with a strong emphasis on integrity and transparency, ensuring that clients are well-informed about the measures in place to protect their digital assets.


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