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Why is Magento v1.* considered a high risk?

Forus-P considers Magento v1.* a high risk, because, since June 2020, Magento version 1.* is no longer supported. This can cause dangerous vulnerabilities in the website.

What should I do when my website uses Magento v2?

You may have upgraded your website to Magento v2. Or maybe your website is now running on another platform. When this has been done well before next year’s scan, feel free to request a rescan from us. For this, you can send an email to

Will my website be safe when all patches are installed?

Having a subscription to MageOne and installing all patches available for Magento v1.* is an absolute must. This can prevent many issues. Unfortunately, we cannot automatically check whether all patches have been installed correctly. In addition, it is possible that there are still vulnerabilities for which no patch is available. That is why it is important to switch to Magento v2 or another platform as soon as possible.

However, we are aware that this can be a long process. To avoid many manual checks, for the Thuiswinkel and BeCommerce certification, it has been decided to mark all Magento version 1 installations as unsafe, but to approve the scan until next year.

What does ‘risk temporarily accepted’ mean for the Thuiswinkel and/or BeCommerce certification?

For Thuiswinkel and BeCommerce members ‘risk temporarily accepted’ means that a website that runs on Magento v1.* is listed as unsafe in our system, but temporarily approved for the certification. This only applies until the next scan. We are aware that switching to Magento v2 or another platform takes time. This gives you the opportunity to arrange this. We do, of course, recommend that you do this as soon as possible. And in any case, install all available patches in the meantime.

What should I do when my website uses Magento v1.*?

It is important to change to Magento v2 or another platform as soon as possible. In the meantime make sure to install all patches of MageOne. This is to prevent issues that may otherwise occur.

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