Safe shopping experience

When you spot our ForusP Secure logo on a website or webshop, you can be confident that we conduct regular safety tests. If any critical vulnerabilities are detected, immediate action is taken to maintain a secure environment for a secure shopping experience.


To feature our ForusP Secure logo on your website, kindly adhere to our specified requirements.

Unauthorised use of the ForusP Secure logo will result in the inclusion of such websites in our blacklist below. Exercise caution when navigating these sites, as we cannot assure their safety.


Happy days! There are no known websites that use our logo without permission at the moment!

  • Frequency

    Minimum monthly security scans

  • Result

    Scan must have a safe result

  • Resolve

    Any high risk vulnerabilities found must be fixed within 30 days

  • Verify

    Verify fix with a rescan

  • Link

    Link our logo to this web page

Request logo

Show your customers you are doing everything you can to offer them a safe web environment by requesting our Secure logo. If we do not scan your website yet, please read more about our vulnerability scans.

We only use your personal information for the intended purpose. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

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