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Determining Scope

Setting the scope of security tests is a crucial step to ensure a comprehensive and effective assessment. This helps focus the testing efforts on areas of highest importance.

Defining objectives
In-depth discussions will help understand the client’s goals and the environment to be tested, as well as specific concerns and potential risks that the client wants to address. This will clarify the boundaries within scope. enabling us to advise on appropriate testing techniques like vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Limitation of Liability
Before we proceed with our tests we ask to sign a limitation of liability form. This document outlines the specific services we’ll be providing and helps protect both parties from unexpected issues that may arise. It also addresses how sensitive information will be handled. While we strive to identify vulnerabilities, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the detection of every possible security flaw. Signing this document ensures a transparent and fair agreement that helps manage risks effectively and ensures legal compliance.

Finally, expectations are discussed regarding the timing and duration of the security tests to accommodate your preferences and ensure a smooth process.

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