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Scan Procedure

When we perform vulnerability scans for our clients, we follow a systematic approach to identify potential security weaknesses in their applications, ensuring ongoing communication throughout the process.

  • After all formalities are completed, a notification is sent by email detailing the timing and necessary preparations.
  • The (web) application is manually assessed to configure the scanner.
  • With a discovery scan (or two if needed), we gain insights into all web pages, avoiding unnecessary tests of similar pages.
  • The scanner settings are then fine-tuned for optimal efficiency.
  • Once ready, the scan may take up to 25 hours to complete. A specific scan date and/or start time is possible; we can start a scan 24/7.
  • After the scan, we manually review the results to ensure its successful completion before sending out a secured report.
  • If your website is secure then happy days! If vulnerabilities are detected, promptly address at least the high risk ones.
  • Consider a rescan after resolving issues to ensure optimal security.
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