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Technical Preparations

Before performing any of our tests, thorough preparations are essential to ensure smooth execution. To facilitate seamless testing, the following arrangements should be in place:

Whitelist IP-addresses
To prevent potential blocking of our automatic scanner, it’s crucial to whitelist our IP addresses:,, and need to be whitelisted. Our user agent can be recognised by the word “ForusP”.

Use reCaptcha on forms
Typically, we use the email account for the scan. A large volume of mails or orders from our scanner means the website allows this without restrictions. And if we can do that, so can others! A reCaptcha on all forms or redirect/blacklisting on your mail server can prevent this.

Whitelist reCaptcha on login page
If a login page uses a reCaptcha, we would need to be whitelisted for the duration of the scan. It’s particularly crucial for our scanner to access this section, especially when personal data is stored. Any other reCaptchas can stay enabled.

Check back-up procedure
As a precautionary measure, review your backup procedure ahead of the scan to ensure data safety and recovery mechanisms are in place. This ensures a smooth process and safeguards against any unforeseen issues.

By addressing these technical requirements, we aim to optimise the testing process and enhance the accuracy of our tests.

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